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Legitimate, Effective Credit Report Repair

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Written by three heavy-hitters in the Credit Repair
field with over 40 years of combined experience,
this book pulls back the curtain on the inner-
workings of the credit reporting world and outlines
what you can do to make it work for you. This
exclusive offer is available for a limited time only.
What's inside this 151 page book?

* Page 10 - The truth behind statements like "Only time can cure bad credit"
* Page 41 - Six real-life stories prove credit reporting is not black-and-white
* Page 73 - Four tips for dealing with creditors while you repair your credit
* Page 94 - The real reason why bad credit can stay on your reports 7 years
* Page 104 - Three things you think would raise your credit score but do not
* Page 111 - Five life events that can unfairly destroy your credit rating

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